Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Drabble #18-19 (200 words)

Beatrice missed Scott. He was only one call away, like that freaking Charlie Puth song, but she didn't want to call. She was afraid, afraid that she'd call only to find that he was no longer the man she fell in love with ten years ago, the man she needed in the moment. She decided it would be best to keep the loving, charming 10-years-ago Scott, the Scott that had loved her unconditionally, in her head. So she waited. Waited for him to call her. Then, maybe it would be easier on her if he didn't love her anymore. At least calling would show that he still cared, somewhat. Until then, she would go to sleep to try to ease the pain, holding her own hand to her chest, hugging it close and not letting it go. A tear slid from her left eye to her right, and softly let itself down onto the pillow. She choked on her own sobs, but still, ceased to make any sound. She hated it when people heard her cry. So, just like that, she drifted into oblivion and her heart no longer felt like ten thousand needles were poking it all at once.

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