Monday, April 20, 2015

Drabble #73

The little blue box didn't look like anything in particular. It looked like something you would go to the bathroom in, in full honesty. Based on its sign, it was a telephone box... apparently. But what kind of telephone box didn't have windows? Shady stuff. People probably did some shady stuff in that shady box, who knew? The girl didn't know why, but when the door suddenly creaked open, she wasn't afraid. In fact, there was something awfully familiar about the whole situation, but she couldn't pinpoint exactly what. So, there was obviously one thing to do: she stepped inside.

Drabble #72

I love it when you push me against a wall and put your hand on the small of my back, pressing me against you. I love it when you kiss me with so much passion in the back of the movie theater, disregarding everything else. But, really, I love it most of all when we have those stolen moments, when no one else is around, even if it's just for a little bit-- when you look at me and quietly tell me that you want to kiss me, and you do, it's so incredibly sweet and my heart completely melts. 

Drabble #71

Stella let out a sigh of exasperation and let her previously hovering hands slam down onto her keyboard. She took off her glasses and rubbed her aching eyes. Her butt had already started to fall asleep, and it was only 9PM. There was nothing to write about, and even worse, nothing she could do about it. Writing stories used to come easily-- what happened? Life sucks ass, she thought miserably to herself.
"Maybe I should become a stripper," she said aloud, and then immediately chuckled at how ridiculous the idea sounded. "You're definitely not hot enough to be a stripper."