Monday, February 16, 2015

Drabble #70

My sister laughed maniacally as she hurriedly tore the paper out of her old journal, crumbled it up into a ball, and shoved it into her mouth. I stared, half shocked, half amused, as she chewed up the paper ball with her teeth. 
"Crazy girl," I muttered to myself. 
She took it out of her mouth and offered it to me. "Still want it?"
She, out of all people, knew me. I didn't have a fear of saliva. (Saliva-phobia? Whatever.) I just preferred not to touch hers. 
I snatched it out of her hand and ran out of the room.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Drabble #69

My aunt Cora puts a lock on her bedroom door every time she gets ready to leave for church. It’s true: she doesn’t live in a very safe neighborhood. You can tell by the number of times she's had her car jacked (four) and how often she heard police sirens every day (very). When I was little, full of childish naiveté, I asked her why she locked her door so securely. She looked at me, almost amused, and then crouched down to whisper in my ear: “Because I’m afraid your uncle is going to steal my money.”

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Drabble #68

Kelly sat down at the small glass table with her hot coffee. Today's going to be different, she told herself, convinced. After all, I didn't bring my laptop today. More time to think with less distractions.
She looked up. "Sorry, who are you?"
The man had clear, genuine green eyes, wavy black hair, and a jawline that could cut glass. His smile turned into a concerned frown. 'You don't remember me?"
"I'm assuming we've met before. And I guess I blew my chance at pretending to know you," Kelly said sheepishly, yet shamelessly, without bothering to filter her words.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Drabble #67

"The only way you can possibly get disappointed is if you get your hopes up too high in the first place," Carol told Sonia. "My, it's just like potential gravitational energy," she added. Amused, Carol picked up her pencil and continued to furiously scribble through her physics homework.
"Carol!" Sonia snapped, irritated that her friend was incapable of even putting down her pencil.
"What?" Carol looked up, over the top rim of her nerdy black glasses. "I speak the truth. Just try not to get too excited next time."
Although Sonia hated it, deep inside, she knew Carol was right.