Monday, September 22, 2014

Drabble #44-47

44: You can't judge a person by stereotypes. Just because you see a girl in the library all the time doesn't mean she likes to study. It doesn't mean she doesn't have a social life. It doesn't mean that she is shy and quiet or whatever you think she is. No. It doesn't. She could be the biggest extrovert you'd ever met. Hell, she could be a gigantic social butterfly who also just really cares about her grades. Just because you see her in the library doesn't mean she is plain, boring, or lacking anything better to do with her time. 

45: It's just like if you see a girl with a crop top, lots of makeup on, bleached denim jeans... You remember you saw her once behind the school smoking a cigarette. Oh, and guess what? She's also dating a gangster. I repeat this question: what would you think? You would think she was the dumbest bitch on the block and she could give less than a horse's ass about her grades. But no, she ends up scoring higher than you on a test, and it turns out she's a lovely individual and a stellar student. What, are we blaming stereotypes?

46: There's a boy in your math class and you know for a fact that he has a lot of sex, smokes a lot of weed, says a lot of profanities? He has about 10 earrings on each ear and a mind so dirty you couldn't clean it with the strongest bar of soap. Oh, well... he's probably really jacked up. He probably doesn't even care about his grades. But no-- he ends up being such a wonderful, encouraging, and hilarious individual. It also looks like he's top 10 percent of his class. Well, what do you know? Are we blaming stereotypes again? 

47: Okay. There's a quiet girl, sitting right over there. Do you see her? She's the one with the gigantic SAT study book. Yeah. Her. She's wearing a huge jacket that she definitely got from Walmart and plan old jeans with tennis shoes with a crap ton of dirt on them. Alright, she's probably really awkward and has no confidence whatsoever. But it turns out she's been on more dates than you have and her favorite thing to do is going out. What the hell, am I right? When are stereotypes even accurate anymore? What's the point of using them now?

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