Thursday, June 19, 2014

Drabble #33

"I think we should take a break," John told me over the phone.
"What? Why?" I asked, beginning to panic. Was he breaking up with me? Over the phone?
"I just need some space." 
I stay quiet for a good 3 seconds. "Babe. What's the problem?"
"The problem? The problem is us. Did you see the way your family looked at me? We can't work."
"My family? This isn't about them! This is about us. You have to trust me," I insist.
"I can't. I'm sorry. You're a great girl, and I really like you. But I--"
"I'm pregnant." I blurt. 

Drabble #32

High school is full of the fakest bitches I think I'll ever meet in my entire life. There are nerds and jocks and cliques and loners, of course, but there are also sluts and whores and a shit ton of bitches. Fake ones, at that. They would tell you one thing and say behind your back another thing. They would pretend to be nice and attack when you're least suspecting. Do I speak from experience? Maybe. But that's for you to guess. All I can recommend is that you be careful and don't do drugs. Especially weed. That shit smells.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Drabble #31

Pushing aside the deep burgundy curtains, I looked out the window from the top floor of our house. The view was splendid, as usual, the sun rising over the top of the tallest trees, bringing color to the earth. Birds began to take flight, and although there was a window between me and the outside, I could still hear them chirping. I watched this view for a very long moment before letting go of the curtains and beginning my work for the day. I realized that I couldn't stop thinking about the birds- or rather, what they obviously symbolized. Freedom.