Sunday, May 18, 2014

Drabbles #13-15

Hades broke open the pomegranate and carefully picked out six seeds, almost as red as Persephone's lips. He held them out to her. "A peace offering."
Persephone remembered that she was not to eat any food from the Underworld. She stared at the seeds in his dead, cold hands. "I'd rather not."
"Eat them." Hades demanded, his eyes becoming darker and more menacing by the second.
Persephone stepped up to him, and simply stared back. She was not afraid at all, despite all the things people said about him. "No." And she brought her knee up between his legs. Hard.

There was a light, and it was beckoning me to come forth. I don't know what made me follow it, because in movies, when a character follows a strange light, they usually end up dead. Or something like that. Jeez, did I have a death wish? I shook off the thought, and accepted that I was just curious, and a light this beautiful couldn't lead to something as darkly terrifying as death... Then again, curiosity killed the cat. But my feet never stopped moving, as if they weren't even under my control. This is ridiculous. Go back. But I didn't.

"You're a teenager. What makes you think that you can get anything out of book blogging and writing? That's  so stupid. You have to concentrate on your studies, or how else are you supposed to get into Stanford?"
"I don't want to go to Stanford, Mom." You calmly reply to her, fully aware of her boiling anger. "You have to set your expectations to a more realistic level, and you have to stop comparing me to my friends because that's not really helping."
"Don't talk back to me!" she yells. "You're going to end up at some crappy community college!"

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  1. (Drabble #15) lol, typical asian mom. At least my mom supports me when I write. :D