Saturday, May 31, 2014

Drabble #30

My heart pounded hard, the sound of its accelerating contractions echoing in my ears. It was so loud that I was afraid everyone in the house could hear it. I was this close, this close to freedom, and despite how my escape plan didn't work last time, I wasn't about to fuck it up again. I was going to get out of this jail and finally be free. The third time's the lucky time, right? I reached into my pocket and grasped the cool metal key in my sweaty palm for reassurance. The iron gate was just around the corner...

Drabble #29

Elosia muttered things quietly to herself as she sat in the corner, hugging her legs to her chest and rocking back and forth. Eventually Jared gave up and threw his arms up in exasperated defeat. He'd tried to get to her quickly, but he had been too late. She'd already been possessed by the demon. He didn't know if she had hope, but he did know that Elosia was going to be more of a burden than she was before. But... it was something about her that made Jared know for sure he couldn't just leave her alone to die.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Drabble #28

"Regina!" I shrieked. "I'd really appreciate it if you didn't have sex with random strangers in my house!"
"Shut the fuck up!" 
Long story short? Regina was homeless now, and not to mention, broke. And she needed me, her "successful" lil' sis, to support her. You'd think that she'd be the one supporting me, since she was older and all. What a disappointment. My own sister did nothing except take up space in my house and fuck random men she'd meet on the streets. Be a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets, she would say. Bullshit.

Drabble #27

Lexia slumped in her seat, and I gave her a hug. She buried her face into the front of my shirt, not caring that she was smearing her mascara all over my clothes. I didn't really care, either-- it wasn't my shirt anyway.
"Am I that undesirable?" she sobbed. "Is it because I'm ugly?"
"Shh, you're not ugly," I said.
"Yes, I am. My nose is too big and I have too much acne and my eyebrows are hurt."
"No," I tried to tell her. "Listen, Lexia. You are beautiful and you don't need a guy to complete you. Ok?"

Drabble #26

I could feel my bones snapping and healing, growing bigger and stronger, my skull changing shape. A series of sickening cracks echoed through the forest. I let out a scream of agony. My eyes burned. The transition, obviously, was taking place. Growling at the full moon, I felt my claws emerge from what used to be my hands. Thick hairs sprouted from my face and the rest of my body, pushing their way through my skin. The werewolf transition was complete. I was a killer of the night, and my prey, ready or not, would have to deal with it.

Drabble #25

I like it when she cries. Oh god, wait. I must sound like a sociopath who enjoys torture. Let me explain myself. I don't like it when she's sad, in fact, I absolutely hate it, and I wish I could take her sadness and shove it into my own body if it meant that she wouldn't have it anymore. It's just the way that her tear droplets get caught in her eyelashes and the way that she leans on my shoulder for support and protection. Mascara runs down her face, but in every way, she still manages to be beautiful.

Drabble #24

I think I'm lost, lost in a dream, because everything around me is a hazy blur and I can't see anything and I don't even know if my eyes are open. What is going on? I see nothing and I feel nothing and I don't think I'll ever be able to feel anything or see anything again. Oh my god am I dead? I'm dead, I insist to myself. Wait I'm not dead what is going on? There are voices echoing in my head but I can't tell what they're saying or who the hell is talking. What the hell?

Drabble #23

Maybe it's the feeling I get when I close my eyes and will myself to go to a time that I can imagine, or the feeling of disappearing and losing myself from the present and traveling to the past or to the future. Hell, it could be the feeling I get when I appear and solidify from thin air. Whatever it is, I've gotta say I love it. I love knowing what's going to happen next and I love it when people think I'm psychic, begging me to tell them their future. But I'm not. I am a time traveler.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Drabble #22

The day I heard about Ally Schlienfield's death-- It was morning, and Mom gave me my lunch bag to bring to school. I was giving her a peck on the cheek, when the news report came on, saying Ally had died, falling off a tree and breaking her neck. We were shocked. Ally and I had played Wedding together in Kindergarten. We ate lunch together every day last year in the third grade. We were close. But this year, when her dad died, she changed. She didn't want to eat with anyone, much less play Wedding. And we'd drifted apart.

Drabble #21

"You have been chosen, Quetzal," Mother told me one morning.
"Chosen?" I asked. still confused.
"For the sacrifice. The gods have been angry. You have been chosen."
It took a moment for the truth to dawn upon me. I stepped back, and pressed against the wall of our home.
"Quetzal," she sighed. "I love you. But this is something you have to do."

When they came for me, I didn't fight. I'd accepted that this was fate, and things happen for a reason. So when they cut open my chest and tore my heart out, I didn't make a sound.

Drabble #20

He shouted at me to stay away from him. His eyes changed color, into the brightest purple that I'd ever seen. And then his irises disappeared completely, until there was nothing left staring at me except for the milky white orbs that were embedded in his head. He collapsed onto the ground.
"Jarod?" I felt his name come through my lips. No reaction.
I waited for the familiar warmth of his brown eyes to come back to me, for him to get up and reassure me that everything was all right. It never happened. That is how I lost him.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Drabble #19

There was a noise coming from the kitchen. And then nothing. Nothing but complete silence and darkness for about a good minute, until none other than Niklaus Mikaelson, original vampire, was standing in front of me. His fingers gently brush a strand of hair aside, and he whispers in my ear. "No one can know I was ever here, love."
My heartbeat quickens, and I half expect him to grab my neck and sink his teeth into me, tearing my flesh into pieces, or for his beautiful eyes to turn gold around the irises, showing evidence of his werewolf gene.

*This is a fanfic drabble, guys. Klaus is from Vampire Diaries. Looooove.*

Drabble #18

Lexia stood, staring at the water down below. She took off the high heeled stilettos she'd worn to the party and put them aside, her heels throbbing. This is Martyr's Bridge. The bridge that her brother jumped off to his own death. Why they named it something so morbid, Lexia never knew. Was it build especially for sacrifice? How terrible. She wandered to the edge, and found herself face to face with her own reflection in the water, thinking about how the water would feel engulfing her entire body and filling her lungs, taking her into eternal and complete oblivion...

Drabble #17

"You fucking asshole!" He threw me against the lockers. A combination lock dug into my back and the back of my head throbbed with the impact, but I made no sound and didn't fight back.
"Let me go." I said.
"No, until you admit to what you did."
"I didn't do anything. Let me go."
He threw a punch against my jaw and pushed me to the ground, kicking me repeatedly in the stomach. He dragged me back up by the front of my sweatshirt and threw another punch in my face.
"Say it out loud!"
"I fucked your girlfriend!"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Drabble #16

Our foreheads touched as we swayed to the music. Our eyes were closed. My fingers laced together behind his head, my thumbs stroking the warm skin of his neck.
"This is all I'd ever wanted, to slow dance at a high school prom to slow, romantic music. You're making all my dreams come true," I whispered to him.
He laughed, obviously amused. "You're easy to please. If I'd known that taking you to prom was the key to winning you over, I would've taken you last year."
"You're the absolute best. Thank you so much for asking me this year."

Drabbles #13-15

Hades broke open the pomegranate and carefully picked out six seeds, almost as red as Persephone's lips. He held them out to her. "A peace offering."
Persephone remembered that she was not to eat any food from the Underworld. She stared at the seeds in his dead, cold hands. "I'd rather not."
"Eat them." Hades demanded, his eyes becoming darker and more menacing by the second.
Persephone stepped up to him, and simply stared back. She was not afraid at all, despite all the things people said about him. "No." And she brought her knee up between his legs. Hard.

There was a light, and it was beckoning me to come forth. I don't know what made me follow it, because in movies, when a character follows a strange light, they usually end up dead. Or something like that. Jeez, did I have a death wish? I shook off the thought, and accepted that I was just curious, and a light this beautiful couldn't lead to something as darkly terrifying as death... Then again, curiosity killed the cat. But my feet never stopped moving, as if they weren't even under my control. This is ridiculous. Go back. But I didn't.

"You're a teenager. What makes you think that you can get anything out of book blogging and writing? That's  so stupid. You have to concentrate on your studies, or how else are you supposed to get into Stanford?"
"I don't want to go to Stanford, Mom." You calmly reply to her, fully aware of her boiling anger. "You have to set your expectations to a more realistic level, and you have to stop comparing me to my friends because that's not really helping."
"Don't talk back to me!" she yells. "You're going to end up at some crappy community college!"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Drabble #12

The boy had his head bowed, his thick, dark eyebrows furrowed in concentration as his last remaining stump of charcoal moved across the yellowed paper. He occasionally looked up at the girl, transferring the lines of her face and her body onto the paper.
"Are you done yet?" She asked him.
He laughed. "Of course not. Jack didn't manage to draw Rose in 1 minute, did he?"
A pause.
"What's your name?"
"Everest," he smirked. "And yours?"
"Well, Aliyah, I'm almost done. I think I'll give this portrait to you for free."
She paused. "I want you to keep it."

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Drabbles #9-11

You see him, just a few footsteps away, and instead of that familiar tug in your gut or that skipping heartbeat you usually feel when you see his face, you feel nothing. Nothing but calm, complete indifference. And then it dawns on you. He has cruelly forced your feelings out of your chest and when you offered your heart and soul to him, he threw everything back at you. And now? Do you have any feelings at all? You wonder-- is this just a lack of love, or is this the lack of any emotion? You decide to turn away.

My teeth tore into the human's throat, blood immediately gushing into my mouth. The thirst was too much to handle. He had been nice, while he lasted. I didn't make eye contact, because I knew too well of the glazed-over eyes and the expression of horror that I would see. I just concentrated on the blood. It rushed through my body and replenished my soul, if you will. I felt rejuvenated. The coppery tinge in my mouth was all I'd been wanting for the past three days. Tearing away, I let the body fall to the floor with a thump.

The gunshot rang through the air and only too late did I notice that Luke had been thrown to the ground, clutching his stomach, his hand covered in his own blood.
"Luke!" I screamed, rushing up to him.
"Go! Run! Leave me. There's no time!"
"I'm not going to do that," I shrieked. 
His piercing blue eyes looked at me. "You have to. This is a risk that you have to take. I'll be fine."
"You're shot!"
"This is just a superficial wound. Could be worse. It didn't hit anything vital. You have to go. Hurry. They're waiting for you."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Drabble #7-8

Alec looked up, one hand shielding his eyes from the sun and the other swiping the sweat collecting on his cheek. He felt as if his leg hairs were going to burn off. Every step he took made him more and more aware of how far away he was from the rest of the group. Would they notice he was missing? Or would they just leave him to die in the middle of the desert? The plastic water bottle residing in his backpack was definitely empty, and all he had in his backpack was a miserable pack of beef jerky...

Rina barely had any time to register what was happening when the car jerked out of control and threw her body against the side door. All she heard was a crash, a shout, and the windows of her dad's new car breaking into a million tiny shards of glass. There was a dip in her stomach, and then there was nothing but water everywhere. They had fallen off the bridge into the river. They were going to die. Shit, crap, fuck! She tried to scream, but all that came out was air bubbles, and all that came in was water.

Drabble #6

I wake up, stretch, and crawl out of bed. The alarm has been annoyingly ringing for the past minute. The fact that I have five alarms set in the early morning is considered to be "unhealthy," according to Mom. It has been three days since the AP Biology exam, and tomorrow is the AP World History exam. But what am I doing writing a drabble? I grudgingly open and compose 100 words reflecting how I'm feeling-- terrible, exhausted, miserable and nose-clogged. This can't possibly count as a drabble, I think to myself. Oh well. At least I'm writing something.

Drabbles #1-5

“Duuuude. Fuck.”
“Don’t,” I retort, more annoyed than usual at her obscenity.
“Don’t even fucking—”
“I swear to God, if you drop the F-bomb one more time I will sock you in the face, and you’ll be sorry you were ever born,” I yank my keys out of my purse and jab them into the ignition.  
“Maybe you shouldn’t be driving when you’re heated,” Adelaide suggested. I didn’t take my eyes off the road, because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to resist punching her stupid, smug stoner face and losing control.

His comforting hands were all over me and I couldn’t help but arch my back against his warm body, wishing that we could be closer, closer, just a little more, despite how we were literally pressed against each other— practically the closest we could get. His eager lips hungrily moved over mine and one of his hands rested at my lower back, pressing me tightly against him, the other tangled in my hair.
He groaned, and my fingers found and cradled the back of his neck, ever so gently.
I pulled back. “I love you.”
“Thanks,” he said, smirking.

“You,” I hissed. I drew my sword.
“Me,” Aaron laughed. “Me, indeed. Did you miss me, sweetheart? Because I sure missed you.” His sweet-as-honey voice rolled over me, reminding me of the time in which I’d actually trusted him. I used to love that voice, even trust it. But now, I cannot block out the fear every time I see him, I cannot block out the trace of evil that mixes itself in with the sweetness. How could I have missed it before?
“You should’ve stayed away. But now— you will die. A very slow, excruciating, painful death.”

The blade sliced through the demon’s middle, and a sickening crack-thump signified that the demon had finally died. Eli wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about— people had been fearing a demon that couldn’t die, and before him was the demon, dead.
“Damn, I’m good,” Eli smirked, cocky.
That was when the demon parts began to reassemble. It sounded like however flesh coming back together was supposed to sound. It attacked Eli from behind, brutally twisting his neck and wrenching his head off his shoulders, and then dropping it, letting it thump to the ground..

“Is it because I’m a girl?” Cecily asked angrily.
“No! Of course not! Who do I look like?” Marcus told her, trying to calm her down but at the same time getting even more angry himself. “Not because you’re a girl, but because you are a teenager.”
“Damn you,” Cecily whispered.
Marcus’s hand cracked across her face, and then quickly retreated in horror of what he had just done.

“We’re through,” Cecily bit back a sob and turned her face away. “It’s over. You screwed up so many times already. I don’t care anymore.”